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Eleanor's recent news​


THIS WEBSITE the process of being rebuilt and updated.....

Projects ongoing........
National Trust NSW Textiles & Dress



I'm still hanging in there.....we have yet to complete cataloguing the Trust's extensive Clothing and Textile collection, due to funding again. We are almost there, I believe to date, we have catalogued, photographed and re-packed over 800 items. This has been done working two days a week with a team of dedicated volunteers unearthing some amazing items from 18th century shoes to Australian 1950s fashion, on and off over the past three years. Waiting on funding to continue.

I have also worked on:

  • Miss Fisher Costume exhibition in 2015, setting up the exhibition and giving specialist tours.

  • Curated the Clothing the People: Edwardian & Wartime fashion exhibition, with Glennis Murphy, a project I am deeply proud of.

  • Worked in a Curatorial role, arranged the new loans and order of the exhibition, Love, Desire & Riches:  History of wedding dresses, as it moved from Melbourne to Sydney.

  • I took up a small role in the second Miss Fisher exhibition in 2016, with assisting with set up & exhibition talks.



​Vintage Made Magazine

I have been writing for the Vintage Made Magazine since its first issue a few years back.


As of 2016, the different parts of the magazine are being divided up, and I have taken up the role as the Editor of Fashion and Entertainment.


The Magazine comes out twice a year.


It is a mix of sewing, craft, food and Vintage Fashion.


Find it hidden away in the Craft section of Newsagents.


They have social media pages too.....look them out.




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