Eleanor's recent news​

Projects ongoing........
National Trust NSW Textiles & Dress



I'm still hanging in there.....we have yet to complete cataloguing the Trust's extensive Clothing and Textile collection, due to funding again. We are almost there, I believe to date, we have catalogued, photographed and re-packed over 800 items. This has been done working two days a week with a team of dedicated volunteers unearthing some amazing items from 18th century shoes to Australian 1950s fashion, on and off over the past three years. Waiting on funding to continue.

I have also worked on:

  • Miss Fisher Costume exhibition in 2015, setting up the exhibition and giving specialist tours.

  • Curated the Clothing the People: Edwardian & Wartime fashion exhibition, with Glennis Murphy, a project I am deeply proud of.

  • Worked in a Curatorial role, arranged the new loans and order of the exhibition, Love, Desire & Riches:  History of wedding dresses, as it moved from Melbourne to Sydney.

  • I took up a small role in the second Miss Fisher exhibition in 2016, with assisting with set up & exhibition talks.



​Vintage Made Magazine

I have been writing for the Vintage Made Magazine since its first issue a few years back.


As of 2016, the different parts of the magazine are being divided up, and I have taken up the role as the Editor of Fashion and Entertainment.


The Magazine comes out twice a year.


It is a mix of sewing, craft, food and Vintage Fashion.


Find it hidden away in the Craft section of Newsagents.


They have social media pages too.....look them out.




Favourite Books
Clara Button : The Wedding day Surprise

​Children's book published by the V&A

​If you have little girls who love dress-ups and clothes, they'll love the Clara Button books. This is the second book which has just come out, after the success of the first one: Clara Button and the Magical Hat Day. Written by Amy De La Haye the well known fashion writer, she uses the V&A's collection of fashion in her beautifully illustrated books.(Illustrated by Emily Sutton)


I first heard the Magical Hat Day being read by a father to his two young children at my favourite little Asian food place near South Kensington Tube, where I often visit for duck and rice on the way to the V&A. It was a sunny late morning and we were all sitting outside on the street tables and I listened intently with the children, bending my head around to try and see the illustrations too! I was obviously not very subtle, as after the story was finished the man offered for me to look at the book. I jotted down the name and promptly went and bought four copies. One for myself and the others for friend's little girls. Its been a hit!

I can update is that in 2015 my husband and I had baby girl, who we named Clara.....
from this amazing book.....(and it was my great granny) 

Latest Project 2017


An Historical sewing group

I have just joined a monthly sewing group run online by the 'Dreamstrss'. Each month there is a different theme, and the online group each sew and share their creations online.  You can create whole outfits or just accessories or single items. All have to be from an historical period. It sounds like a bit of fun and ''a reason'' and deadline to start sewing a bit of costume again!

I'll post how I get along. I might even get a blog going.