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Auctions Eleanor has put together

Find an overview of some of the amazing auctions Eleanor has put together in auction houses both in 

England and Australia

Note: the below are slideshows, click along to see all the images, click on an image for a larger view.
May 08 Bond st view 023.jpg
May 08 Bond st view 022.jpg
May 08 Bond st view 019.jpg
Book of Easter needlework
May 08 Bond st view 018.jpg
May 08 Bond st view 017.jpg
May 08 Bond st view 013.jpg
May 08 Bond st view 012.jpg
May 08 Bond st view 010.jpg
May 08 Bond st view 009.jpg
May 08 Bond st view 007.jpg
May 08 Bond st view 006.jpg
May 08 Bond st view 005.jpg
May 08 Bond st view 004.jpg
May 08 Bond st view 003.jpg
May 08 Bond st view 002.jpg
                                                                                                         Bonhams Bond Street

This is Eleanor 's favourite auction she put together at her time with Bonhams, it viewed in the Bond Street, London in 2008.  It had such a large assortments of costume from different periods from the 17th to the 20th century, and gained a lot of media attention.

The auction included two private collections, to include one from Amsterdam that Eleanor flew over and valued, and the French/English Family collection from the Pappillon Estate, Crowhurst Park, Sussex.

Along with the amazing historic clothing collection, this auction also housed the most expensive item Eleanor sold during her time with Bonhams, a 17th century needlework, for thirty-eight thousand pounds, depicting scenes from The Book of Esther.

Lisa Ho Vintage fashion, textiles and habby auction

Eleanor worked in collaboration with Lawson’s Auctions, employed by the Administrators of the Lisa Ho business estate.  She sorted and catalogued Lisa Ho’s archive collection of dresses, fabrics and haberdashery for sale in 2013.

Theodore Bruce Auction : Peppergreen

This was an auction housing some of the historic dresses, textiles and accessories of the successful Sothern Highlands antique shop Peppergreen, It closed its doors in early 2012, Theodore Bruce sold the contents over many auctions.    (click on image of full view)

Theodore Bruce Auction

This was a general fashion and textile auction Eleanor sourced and put together in Sydney, for Theodore Bruce auctions, in early 2012.

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