Eleanor has a wealth of specialist textile, fashion and needlework knowledge rare to be found in Australia.
She has experience with early textiles, needlework and lace from the 17th century, to the present day designer couture and every day dress.


Eleanor ran the Fashion and Textiles auctions for Bonhams UK from the beginning of 2007 to the end of 2009.


She coordinated specialist auctions selling vintage and period fashion, 20th century designer couture and accessories, needlework, textiles, lace and other related items.


She travelled the UK regularly taking part in regional valuation days.


She was involved in a number of large insurance projects, including the valuation of the national Stratford–on–avon Shakespeare costume collection


Since returning to Australia in 2010 she has worked freelance with a number of Australian auction houses. She worked with Lawson's on the auction of Lisa Ho's Vintage Collection.





Sales valuations
Eleanor can give impartial advice and guidance on the sale of items for auction or private sale. She has international contacts in the costume and textiles field, and a network of local contacts in Sydney. She works with both high-end and general day to day items. She can best advise you where to sell your vintage, period or couture clothing and accessories.


Eleanor has extensive experience handling deceased estates.

 She can sort through clothing and related items, offering advice of the best way to sell, donate or dispose of items. This can be a difficult job for members of a family when a loved one has passed away. Eleanor uses her professional knowledge to help, with sensitivity and compassion at a personal time.



Teaching and leactures


Eleanor is a very open to sharing her experience and knowledge.

Eleanor has expreience speaking publicy on fashion & textile subjects.

One notable talk she gave, followed Henry Sandon from the UK Antiques Roadshow, to a group of ladies from The Womens’ Institute on collecting fashion.

Eleanor taught an eight week evening class in North Sydney, exploring the History of Fashion.


She has mentored students, both on secondary and graduate levels.


She is open to speaking and teaching on historic dress & textile subjects.


Eleanor has given a number of public talks while working with the National Trust. Both in lecture style, and specialist guided exhibition tours.

Insurance valuations and probate assistance.


Eleanor has experience working on insurance valuations, from one off pieces, to large scale National English Costume and Textile collections.


Her specialist knowledge covers a wide range of historic and modern dress, needlework, lace and other related fields, including theatre and film costume, and soft furnishing interiors.


Her knowledge of the global auction and collectable prices puts her in good stead in creating or update valuation assessments.


She can also assist in probate valuations where needlework or large collections of high value or old clothing are present.


Eleanor worked with the Administrators HLB Mann Judd accountants, on the Lisa Ho assets, on the sale of her vintage archive and collection.


Eleanor is a registered Cultural Gifts Valuer.     

Historic advising


Eleanor has a wealth of specialist textile, fashion and needlework knowledge rare to be found in Australia. She has experience in early textiles, needlework and lace from the 17th century, to the present day designer couture and every day dress.

Eleanor can offer her services as a reference point for film, television and publications.

Her original training in period costume pattern making and construction, with her early work in film and television gives her an insight and understanding of the film and performance industry, and how it operates. 


Eleanor has a wealth of costume/fashion history knowledge, both on a constructional and an historic point, to offer her advice and research skills on any period drama.



Writing and Magazines


Eleanor has been a point of contact with many English publications, while working as the Head of the Costume and Textiles department at Bonhams; where she wrote articles for one of the local magazines, The Warwickshire life, as well as helped with Editorial support with articles to specialist magazine ‘Selvedge’ and BBC Antiques, Homes & Gardens.



She now continues to write for Australian magazines, and over the past five years has


had dozens articles published. In antique and collectable magazines and with her ongoing


collaboration with 'Vintage Made' Magazine. As of 2016 she is Editor of Fashion.



Eleanor Keene

Sydney, Australia

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