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Eleanor  Keene originally trained in the cut and construction of period costume for film and television. After completing a two year internship with the Powerhouse Museum Sydney with the fashion and textile department, she travelled to England to study for a Masters Degree in the History of Textiles and Dress. Eleanor then went on to head the Costume and Textile Department for Bonhams UK auction houses, putting together specialist sales and valuing national collections. Eleanor returned to Sydney at the beginning of 2010 where she has been freelancing in the auction and textile industries.

She has been working with the National Trust NSW Textile and Dress collection since the beginning of 2014. Both cataloguing their collection and working in a Curatorial role on exhibitions.


Eleanor can advise, value and assist in the sale of historic and vintage fashion. From large private or public collections & deceased estates.

She has knowledge and experience in both the film and museum fields. She would be keen to lend her knowledge as an historic reference point for film and television; as well as use her experience in research, exhibition mounting and cataloguing in the museum sector.

Eleanor currently writes for a number of publications on textile and dress subjects. Including 'Vintage Made' Magazine.


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